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Frequently Asked Questions
I tried to make a reservation, but I am having trouble filling out the booking form, or I do not fully understand it...
If you encounter problems with filling in the booking form you can call us directly, WhatsApp or mail. We are at your disposal during office hours. Email: Phone: 0044 203 8088057 WhatsApp: +316 53 472 492
I have filled in and sent the reservation form, what will be the next step?
After you have filled in and sent your booking form, The Carp Specialist receives this and confirms your booking within 1 to 2 working days by email. The availability on our website is up-to-date but to be sure we check whether the lake you have selected is still available in the relevant period and send the booking to the lake owner. When the lake owner confirms your reservation, we will immediately send you the invoice by email, you usually will receive the invoice in about 5 working days after completing the booking form, depending on the reaction time of the lake owner. We try to keep the online availability on our website as accurate as possible, but we are dependent on our lake owners. If you do not find a message in your mailbox directly after booking via our website, we ask you to contact us directly by phone, WhatsApp or email, perhaps in this case you made a small mistake in your email address or our mail ended up in your Spam box.
What happens if there is a double booking or the desired date/destination is not available?
In the unfavorable case of a double booking or if the desired date/destination is not available, we will inform you as soon as possible, after approximately 5 working days at the latest. We will then offer you an alternative destination or period, without any obligations of course. We will do whatever we can to find an alternative, but if the alternative destination or period won't fit your needs, there is always a possibility to cancel your trip.
What does 'exclusive renting' mean?
'Exclusive renting' means that the carp fishing lake can be or only can be rented for 1 travel companion. For example, A lake that can be hired exclusively for 4 anglers, may also be rented to a smaller group of anglers. There will be no other angler during that period, and you will have the lake for you and your friend. The total price, therefore, remains the same regardless of whether you are alone or, for this example, with 4 anglers. An exclusive rent could be very interesting when you appreciate more privacy and space.
We would like to fish together from 1 swim, but only 1-person swims are available at the lake. Is this possible?
Of course! When you book 2 (or more) 1-person swims side by side, you can always enjoy fishing together from one of the two swims. From here, you can fish in both fishing zones, so you still keep enough space. For example, if you book the 1-person swim 1 & 2 with 2 anglers, you can fish with 2 anglers from swim 1 and still fish in the zone of swim 2.
Are the prices quoted per angler?
On our website, you will find various price calculations per lake: such as the price per swim, price per angler, a price for exclusive hiring and sleeping accommodations. Under the heading 'Price Overview' you will find a clear explanation of the prices for each lake. You can also enter the desired swim(s) and your travel company under the heading 'Reservation' so that you can consult the right price. Please note: do not place an 'official reservation' via our website if you only want to consult the price, that is not necessary. The right price appears immediately when you click the correct swim(s) and your travel company.
How does the payment go with a last-minute reservation?
When placing a last-minute reservation (up to 70 days before arrival), the entire payment must be paid within 5 working days.
Can I expect additional costs?
At The Carp Specialist, you do not pay any booking fees or administration costs. The prices mentioned in your booking provide the right to fish, the use of the facilities and any desired options. If there are additional costs or a deposit at the venue, you will find this indicated under the heading 'Price Overview' of the relevant destination. You can rent or book any desired extras directly with your reservation, then these are communicated by The Carp Specialist to the lake owner.
Where can I find the Terms & Conditions of The Carp Specialist?
You can read the Terms & Conditions of The Carp Specialist at
I received the invoice for my carp fishing holiday, how does the payment work?
You can pay the payment of your carp fishing holiday in 2 installments, the deposit and the remaining payment. The first payment will be 50% of the total amount and must be transferred within 7 days after you received the invoice. The remaining balance must be paid no later than 10 weeks before arrival on the account of The Carp Specialist. If it concerns a 'last minute' reservation, you must pay the entire payment immediately upon receipt of your invoice. You can pay The Carp Specialist by clicking the link 'click here to make your payment' and then you can choose to make your payment via debit card, credit card or PayPal.
Is it possible to transfer the full payment at once?
Of course! It is no problem at all to transfer the full payment at once. When the sum reaches the account number of The Carp Specialist, you will directly receive the voucher for your carp fishing holiday. :-)
How does payment of extras and services go on the spot?
The sale of baits, meals and other services runs directly between the guest and the lake owner. The Carp Specialist cannot be held responsible in any way for problems or price changes of these services. You can send your order to The Carp Specialist so the lake owner and we can make sure everything is on site before arrival. Please let us know at least 2 weeks before arrival to avoid any discomfort. You can only pay the services in euros, in cash with the lake owner.
What are the bank details of The Carp Specialist?
Bank details of The Carp Specialist UK Bank name: Dutch Rabobank West-Betuwe IBAN: NL56 RABO 0340 7985 56 BIC: RABONL2U Account holder: The Carp Specialist UK Address: Waalbandijk 2B ZIP Code: 4064 CB City: Varik Country: The Netherlands Bank details (if your bank requires this) Bank name: Rabobank West Betuwe Street: Laan van Leeuwenstein 4 ZIP Code: 4191NB City: Geldermalsen Country: The Netherlands
Cancellation and rebooking
I booked and want to cancel my trip, what should I pay attention to?
If due to circumstances, you have to cancel the trip, we will charge an amount based on the following table: - Cancellation up to and including 71 days before the day of departure: the down payment (at 50% of the total price) - Cancellation less than 70 days before your trip: 100% of the total cost. The full amount has to be paid because the carp fishing holiday is fully funded by The Carp Specialist to the lake owner. Even if you wish to leave earlier during the holiday, you are not entitled to receive a refund. The Carp Specialist recommends you to get a cancellation- and travel insurance to ensure you during unforeseen issues before, during or after your carp fishing holiday
I booked a carp fishing holiday but would like to change the date or swim number. Is this possible?
It is no problem to switch swims or date if there is still availability left on the required date or swim. Changing a venue within 5 days after booking won't be a problem. Every venue change after 5 days is harder to arrange because we work with several different lake owners. We from The Carp Specialist will do our best to make any necessary changes and check out other options for you. The administration fee is £ 50,- per change.
I booked a carp fishing holiday but would like to change the lake. Is this possible?
No, unfortunately not. After placing your reservation, the desired swim and date will be officially reserved for you with the lake owner. After this, unfortunately, it is no longer possible to change the lake for the reservation in question.
I've booked a carp fishing holiday but unfortunately I can't travel myself. Can I find a replacement angler?
Yes, you can! Please inform us at the latest 14 days before your date of departure (exception for urgent matters). In order to make the necessary changes, we will charge a £ 50,- administration fee.
I have a complaint... what should I do?
The Carp Specialist and our lake owners do their utmost to make your carp fishing holiday as good as possible. However, it is of course possible that you have a complaint, suggestion or point for improvement on location. After all, we are all human, and some things are beyond our control... but we do everything we can to give you the best possible service. In case of a complaint on location, we ask you to contact The Carp Specialist IMMEDIATELY and certainly not to wait until you are back home. If you report your complaint to us directly from location, we can immediately get to work to solve the problem. The easiest way to report your complaint is via WhatsApp on +31655688912. Of course you can also call (during office hours) or email!
About The Carp Specialist U.K. v.o.f.
What are your company details?
The Carp Specialist U.K. v.o.f. is a registered Dutch company. You may find all our business details below: The Carp Specialist Att. Mr. Bas van Klaveren & Mr. Jeroen Albers (directors) Waalbandijk 2B 4064CB VARIK The Netherlands Bank details: Rabobank West-Betuwe Laan van Leeuwenstein 4 4191NB GELDERMALSEN The Netherlands IBAN NL56 RABO 0340 7985 56 BIC RABONL2U As we're a Dutch company, we declare our VAT and taxes in The Netherlands. Our Dutch VAT-number (BTW-number) is 859913466B01 Our company is registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (Kamer van Koophandel) with number 74467778.
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